The importance of calling before digging

//The importance of calling before digging

The importance of calling before digging

The reasons are many why you should call a professional fencing company to install your fence as opposed to trying to put it in yourself. We’ve all heard that it’s best to leave matters to professionals when you are basically uninformed or less than adequate at executing. But below is a reminder that even pros must keep taps on details—one in particular that can have deadly consequences, as illustrated by the example of a fence contractor in Cypress, Texas, two years ago, who was inserting posts for a home under construction.

The man unknowingly and accidentally hit a main gas line. A fire started in the neighborhood that wound up setting three homes ablaze; one was completely destroyed. The contractor suffered burns during the inferno that took four hours to get under control. And it all could have been avoided by one simple phone call to a three-digit number:  811.

Last year, according to an article in Fencepost magazine, 50 million holes were dug in the ground for the installation of fences. Under the American Fence Association’s (AFA) Safety and Health Program, installers should contact the appropriate representatives to determine if and/or where hazardous items are buried under the building site before digging. That’s when to place the call to 811 or the local One Call Center. If none, the contractor is then required to call the local utilities individually—electric, gas, telephone/fiber, water—and record all dates and job ticket numbers given and to be sure that the job operator has this information. And if still in doubt, don’t dig!

A recent survey of over 100 AFA members revealed that while almost everyone was aware of the requirement to locate utilities while putting in a fence, only 75 percent did so! One of the reasons given for why the other 25 percent failed to contact 811 was due to time added to production, though virtually all states offer online locate links and the call to 811 can be made on average just 48 hours preceding installation. Surprisingly, out of the sea of instruction manuals and publications listed online, few actually mention the vital first step of calling 811!

At West Memphis Fence, safety is always our top concern. As your fence installer, we believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Beyond a doubt, calling 811 is the cheapest insurance we can buy!

Whether temporary or permanent, professional, business, or home—fencing enhances any setting, providing reassuring security and safety, and in many instances, privacy. Contact our helpful professionals at West Memphis Fence for your next fencing project.

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